Earlier this week Patanjali MD, Acharya Balkrishna declared the upcoming launch of “Indianised Swadeshi jeans”. Since skinny jeans are against Indian culture, these will be loose-fitting so as to “comply with Indian cultural norms”.


So, now that Patanjali has taken it upon itself to fix these unsanskaari abominations that have been ruining our pure Indian culture, why stop at jeans? Here are a few more things that Patanjali can fix in order to get societal approval from our beloved Bharatiya sanskriti.

1. Bra Straps

2. Crop Tops

3. Chowmein

4. Red Lipstick

5. Momo

6. iPill

7. Mini Skirt

8. Shorts

9. Beer

10. Condoms


Design Credits: Ashish Kumar