If you ever want to know how weird this year has been then you must check out a few viral food combos of this year. 

From Biryani doused in Nutella to curd Maggi, there wouldn’t be anything left to see after you go through this list.  

1. Chocolate Maggi 

My tastebuds just got super confused and died after seeing this. 

2. Nutella Biryani 

Yeh dekhne se pehle duniya khatam kyu nahi ho gayi?

3. Samosa in buns with chocolate sauce 

At this point, the question is not why but who will eat this? 

4. Maggi Pani Puri 

If you are looking for signs to move to Mars, this is it. Pack your bags and leave. NOW. 

5. Chocolate Fried Chicken 

Just because we’re in the middle of the pandemic iska matlab yeh nahi ki kuch bhi banane lag jayenge (smh). 

6. Kiwi Pizza

First, they add pineapple to our pizzas, and now kiwi? Where will this end?

7. Ice-cream dosa

I have one question though. When the ice-cream melts, won’t it just be dosa dipped in ice cream syrup? Yikes. 

8. Curd Maggi 

This is worse than when SRK in Ra.One had noodles with curd. 

9. Gulab Jamun Pancake 

In comparison with others, this seems like a good option no?

10. Pasta dosa

Chal kya raha hai? Pehle ice-cream dosa ab pasta dosa. What do they want from us? 

11. Beer Maggi 

Drinking this should be a task on Roadies. 

BRB, ulti aa rahi hai.