Parlour aunties, you can’t live with them, and possibly, cannot do without them. They are the ones we go to hoping for fixes and sometimes even makeovers. But then life always has curve balls to throw, and the woman at the parlour might just send you back home feeling miserable, instead of the confidence you thought you’d gain. Because, there’s always something wrong, your hair’s not right, you’ve not waxed in the longest time, or maybe your nails aren’t the right size!

So here are 12 things that you have heard at least once from your teekhi parlour aunty, and you’ve almost never had anything to say in return.

Those stinging comments have not been forgotten, we in fact have listed them all out. Take a look.

1. When you’re finally confident enough to step out of the salon.

2. Mundan hi kar dete aunty.

3. ‘Light makeup’ does not exist.

3. There’s always something wrong left to do.

4. When your eyebrows come undone.

5. Er, when your job is to make people feel pretty but…

6. Nature gave me hair. Nature made me dirty. Yeah? 

7. The deadly sin against beauticians.

8. Oh, so now I have to train my hair which way to grow?

 9. I swear it is so they can charge you more!

10. Chants *I’m a confident, independent, woman…I’m a confident, independent, woman*

11. Is the struggle even real?

12. Thoda-thoda kehke jaan le gaye ji…

But then we always go back to the things that hurt us most, don’t we?

Design credits: Aroop Mishra

Feature Image Source: Disha Bhanot