It’s been more than 30 years since a cyborg assassin travelled back in time to kill Sarah Connor. What followed was the dawn of one of the best franchises to ever hit screens across the world: The Terminator. From amazing, jaw-dropping stunt sequences to the beefy and brawny Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator series has inspired many actors and movie-makers alike and developed somewhat of a cult following. 

But that’s not all. Aside from the visual treat that they are, the movies have also given us a treasure trove of the sassiest, most badass one-liners. Here are 12 such dialogues from The Terminator franchise that can add a little drama to your life:


1. When someone asks you, “How the hell can you survive the Delhi winters?”


2. When your colleague tries to calm you down because your boss said something really stupid.


3. When you ask your friend for help because you’re broke AF but still want to go on a date.


4. When it’s time to split the bill and all your friends are piss drunk. 


5. When you are running late for work and your friend finally arrives to pick you up.


6. When you finally understand the pain of your friend who takes the metro every day.


7. When your friend is acting all cool on the dance floor and you want to kill his happiness.


8. When you are standing in line to pay the electricity bill and the guy says, “Lunch time!”


9. When you’re done from work early on a Friday night and want to rub it in everyone’s face.


10. When you are dieting and your friend offers you some red velvet cake.


11. When a colleague is not ready to believe that you completed your engineering without any “backs.”


12. When you’ve had too much beer at the pub and the loo is occupied. 


Needless to say, the Terminator movies are the ones we can watch over and over again. And it seems that we now have the chance to relive its pure awesomeness once again. Terminator: Genisys premieres for the first time on Indian television on Sunday, June 12th on HBO, and we only have two words: “I’m back.”