Gone are the days of conference hall meetings. Due to COVID-19, we are living in the world of zoomferences. Although, just like most meetings, online meetings are filled with unproductive and hilarious conversations.

Here are some Con Call Fails-

1. This woman was in a client meeting and her husband showed up in his undies  

2. Potatohead for real?  

Source: Twitter

3. This Good Morning America reporter caught live in boxers  

4. This reporter filmed her husband naked  

5. We want to know what happened after that  

6.One cannot ignore cat calls!  

7. This was an inter-country class!  

8. A woman forgot to turn off the camera and went to the loo  

9. Joe Biden publicised his zoom meeting ID  

10. This guy was showing off his rolling skills in a Zoom class  

11. Can anything be more embarrassing?  

12. ROFL

13. Very bad Sir!