What's that one word that perfectly sums up this year? Annoying. Right? 

So, we made a list of all things annoying that this year can be compared to so, here goes. 2020 is like...

1. That web-series that has too many plot twists

Source: streamingdue.com

2. That villain who refuses to die

Source: www.dailyo.in

3. That weird food experiment that should have never been conducted

Source: indianexpress.com

4. That unwanted guest who is never willing to leave

Source: www.bollywoodbubble.com

5. That Zoom call that you are forced to be part of

Source: www.vice.com

6. That over squeezed toothpaste tube that should have been thrown long ago

Source: goodyfeed.com

7. That customer care number that is always engaged

Source: www.onsip.com

8. That boss who never approves your leaves

Source: www.businessinsider.in

9. That spam call you got tricked by

Source: cngadget.info

10. That WhatsApp forward that should have never been circulated

Source: paidfreedroid.com

11. That unwanted elaichi in biryani

Source: recipes.timesofindia.com

12. That mama ji on WhatsApp who should have been blocked, for always sending fake news

Source: electrons.co

13. That annoying rishta aunty who is more interested in your personal life

Source: www.cntraveller.in

14. That random WhatsApp group you still don’t know why you’re a part of 

Source: www.guidingtech.com

15. That Ludo invite you keep getting from random people on Facebook

Source: www.telegraphindia.com

Cancel 2020!