If you thought you knew the meaning of every emoji and you’ve been using it right all this while, you’re so mistaken. Brace yourself. Your life is about to change. And so is your texting game.

1. Victory

This also isn’t ‘peace’.

2. Dash

To be honest, I’m still going to use it as a fart for the rest of my digitally sound life.

3. Hands raised

It’s just a celebration, guys. No religion involved.

4. Triumph

HOW is this supposed to be triumph anyway.

5. Sweat

Nope. Not cum. Not climax. Just no.

6. Joined hands

Turns out your family group’s favourite emoji is actually a high five.

7. Information desk person

And here I am making this same gesture knowing this.

8. Disappointed but relieved

The key here is the water droplet. It’s sweat. Not tears.

9. All okay.

Apparently, this the gesture for all okay. Nothing is okay with me after knowing this.

10. Astonished

I’m dead after learning this one.

11. Japanese playboy

To be fair, this one’s open to interpretation since it’s actually derived from a logo.

12. Tired

Seems legit. This is my permanent face. I am permanently tired.

13. Hushed face

This is supposedly to be used to tell someone to be silent. I honestly don’t see it.

14. Sleepy

This time the water droplet doesn’t mean sweat or tears. We can’t figure out what it means, but the emoji is sleepy. Apparently.

15. Slurp

This was my go-to just kidding face. My life will never be the same.

You can use them as you like, but it’s nice to know these too.

Design Credits: Nupur Agrawal