Man, it’s that time of the year when the @CATExam2016 Twitter handle has started posting up riddles on its feeds looking for answers. And, answers it shall get. Some of the most hilarious Twitter folk took to solving the riddles and their replies are pure gold. Don’t worry. Take it all in good taste now.

Here are 15 hilarious replies by users to @CATExam2016’s riddles that will get lolling a bit too hard.

1. Gujarati much?

2. If only.

3. Definitely a Delhi thing.

4. Been there.

5. Too real.

6. Pretty straightforward.

7. Or maybe, your job?

8. It had to be done.

9. That’s a hard burn.

10. #Officethings.

11. The best one yet.

12. What are these? Girl problems?

13. Holy mother! That burn’s got layers to it.

14. Far off, man. Far off.

15. Can’t argue with that.


This is probably the funniest Twitter thread out there.