Always check the picture for the reflection caught on it once you’ve clicked a photograph. Weird advice, you say? An important one, I say. And we have exactly the proof you need to understand why you’re about to check each picture more carefully from now on.

Here are 15 fails caught in reflections in these pictures that will make you check your own photographs again.

1. We wouldn’t be surprised either way.

2. Nope. Look again.

3. Just bad timing.

4. ‘Cause the rest doesn’t matter.

5. Woah! Someone’s going to have a good night.

6. What was the point?

7. Second hand embarrassment.

8. When you have to pretend to read news.

9. We’ve all been there.

10. Where do you even begin with this?

11. Bet that’s not her dad.

12. What is she so happy about?

13. It’s an inception of eye fucks.

14. Pretty disfigured girlfriend.

15. Bae’s a vampire.

Look again. Look closer!