I’m not too sure what the dude who came up with bumper stickers was really going for, but I imagine he’d probably roll over in his grave right now with some of these epic Indian bumper stickers. And, we’re not talking about the regular ‘this dude really loves his life’ kind of sense of humour, we’re talking about the painful kind. The one that will get you rolling on the floor and then feel guilty about it. 

Check out these 15 bumper stickers on Indian roads that’re not too sure what they were really going for.

1. He’s actually managed a meme.

2. I’m not too sure which driver they’re talking about. And, I don’t want to speculate.

3. That’s the weirdest ‘if then that’ algorithm.

4. How appropriate that the car’s from Gujarat.

5. That’s a weird thing to be proud of.

6. Love knows no engines.

7. Now, that is a real threat.

8. Of course it is. 

9. Because, the man’s seen them all.

10. That escalated quickly.

11. Charming; this man.

12. The perfect love-hate message.

13. We all know how hard habits are to let go of.

14. Because, this needs to be clarified.

15. Very eloquent, guv’nor. Very profound.

What’s important is that they were all honest.

Masthead Source: barkbarkwoofwoof.com

All Images Source: dailymoss.comscoopaper.comindipepper.com