Travelling sucks. There, I said it. I don’t care what Instagram is trying to tell me but there ain’t no way in hell am I going to sit in a vehicle for hours at end just to get to a place. Some people are already very comfortable being where they are and don’t need a ‘change of scenery’.

If you also despise travelling as much as I do, you’ll be thankful for these memes because they capture that exact feeling to its maximum capacity. 

1. The battle of the travelling plans.

2. The nation wants to know!

3. Give suggestions at your own risk.

4. That is why I like staying at home.

5. You get me, bro.

6. How can ‘solo travelling’ be a hobby?

7. My cue to leave.

8. It’s my only escape.

9. FOMO is real too.

10. Why would anyone even want that?

11. Maybe getting married was a bad idea.

12. Achievement unlocked.

13. It’s a secret.

14. *Finds me hiding in a closet.*

15. Home is the only place I want to be at.

Do you also hate travelling as much as I do?