“Jeez it’s Monday; it’s a god damned Monday. Oh lord, why do you not just take me?” If you’ve had this Monday internal dialogue with yourself on a regular basis you know Mondays are the worst things created in the history of creations. Think about it, no sooner has the Sunday-chiller-hangover passed, that Mondays turn around with an evil grin and spare no one in their wake. Whether, it’s school, college or work, Monday morning blues are a real disease. 

If you feel like relating, here are kids who feel what we feel and have very few shits to give.

1. Just, the physics of it. How?

2. All right. Apparently physics don’t matter that much.

3. Certain things can wait.

4. The boy’s living his dream.

5. Sleep physics have struck again.

6. I want to know what happened right before this.

7. This is just genius.

8. I think that one’s the sentry.

9. He understands. It’s fine.

10. This could go so wrong. But, why not?

11. I sense there was teamwork here.

12. That face says it all.

13. One snooze away from the sandwich.

14. There definitely is some teamwork here.

15. Genetics. No holds barred.

Filmgyan Pictures

If only. Just 15 more minutes.

Masthead Source: youtube.com, Feature Image Source: Filmgyan Pictures