As Hannah Gadsby says, we will forever identify as tired. And looks like it’s gonna be this way for a while.

1. I woke up tired.

2. Here’s my spirit mannequin.

3. Take me on a car ride longer than 5 minutes and I will nap.

4. My kind of association. The always stay at home to recharge kind.

5. Even my ECG would be a flat line ’cause it’s too tired.

6. Thank you, you Godsend.

7. Give me a mildly comfortable surface and I will nap.

8. Only 90s kids will remember what it was like to not be tired.

9. I would like to apologise to my childhood self for resisting naps.

10. Me summed up: food, clothes, and tired.

11. All day. Every day. I be tired.

12. Jaanam samjha karo.

13. Hum saath saath hain.

14. When all I can think of is how to leave everything and get my tired out of the way.

15. Please stop writing these useless quotes.

16. Sorry. I can’t come today. I have plans. Plans to be tired.


Design Credits: Nupur Agrawal