Getting a haircut is a sport on its own; you can either get the best one or totally regret making the decision to get one. Usually, it’s the latter.

1. Show me the moolah!

2. “Keratin karaa lo.”

3. Ittu sa.

4. This is why I have trust issues.

5. Regrets

6. Don’t mind me.

7. Arrey oh, Raadhe bhaiya!

8. Once in a lifetime moment.

9. It’s a whole different ball game. 

10. “Mummy, plis. I want to be like Jon Snow.”

11. Literal hot head.

12. Is this a special mirror?

13. Plis, stop.

14. My life is over.

15. We had some good moments together. 

16. Blow dry my hair, not my face!

What’s your haircut horror story?