Ever wondered what your shoes go through? Ever spared a thought for them when you lace them up, put them on and go about our day? What if they could talk? What if they could say exactly what was on their mind or shall I say sole?

Here are 15 things you shoes would say to you if they could talk:

1. So you stepped on shit again?

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2. Do you mind wearing socks?

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3. So you found someone else?

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4. Don’t leave me hanging, bro!

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5. Don’t lend me to others please.

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6. Take it easy on me!

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7. Don’t stuff me!

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8. How about you give me a wash?

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9. I feel cold too, you know.

Source: theunnaturalmother

10. The shoe-stand redemption.

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11. Would you like it if your clothes keep falling off?

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12. I need new laces. NOW!

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13. How come lefty is more polished?

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14. I’m not a chew toy for your dog.

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15. Why don’t you fight?

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Do you treat your shoes well? Ask yourself that. Time for some sole- searching!