Being single is kinda like being hungover. Not because it sucks donkey balls, but because you magically forget what it felt like as soon as you’re drinking again. We’ve all been single at one point or another, and yet, the truth about singlehood escapes us as soon as we find ourselves in a potential partner’s arms.

Well, do not fret. We’re here to remind you of that truth. Because it’s bloody awesome. And we’re gonna do it with the brevity of a girlfriend that’s just answered bae’s question with ‘FINE’. Yes, that reference was for the non-single among you readers.

So regardless of what your relationship status is right now, here’s hoping that you’ll make the absolute most of glorious, utterly fantastic single life the next time you find yourself relationship-less. ‘Cause I believe I speak for all single people when I say… dat shit’s DA BOMB, yo!

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