Ladies, we know the struggle of being excited about shorts season yet bummed out about sweat season. So here are memes to cry-laugh about your summer struggles as a desi girl.

1. This different and scarier kind of mooh kala karana.

2. If you have kajal in your eyes, it will run. — Murphy’s law of summer for desi girls. 

3. Humidity and my hair are not friends.

4. I wish my pores produced powder instead of oil.

5. Makeup, Y U no stay on my face longer than 20 minutes?

6. When sweat makes your face glisten.

7. Armpits, Y U no stop sweating? Ever?

8. Sunblock with SPF 2000 for Delhi, please.

9. If only this worked.

10. ‘Tis the season of tiny shiny stubbles.

11. *sniff* Guess I’m good for now. Still reaches out for the deo.

12. That sigh of relief when you literally lift this weight off your chest.

13. Is that a little pee or was it sweat? — An anthology.

14. And when you look into your bag and find no tissues.

15. How to get smokey eyes? Put a little kajal and conquer the outdoors for 10 minutes.

16. When you have to improvise to get the summer off your face. Any kitchen ingredient is an ubtan if you believe.

17. Thank you, top knots, for saving me from getting my head shaved.

18. Why do bad things happen to good people and their eyes?


Design Credits: Kumar Sonu