Some people around the world have proven time and again, even more important than what you say, is how you say it. Especially when it comes to the written word. If you’re one of those that believe that the words are the only thing that matter on a sign, you’re about to have yourself a revelation.

Here are 18 times letter spacing really ‘flicked’ these signs over.

1. The true essence of life’s moments.

2. Poor Clint. Or was it Curt? It doesn’t matter. Thanks a lot, Lola!

3. Use what now?

4. You’d be cramming all night for this one.

5. Aww. I bet they’re making the world a better place. One dick at a time.

6. Yep, who wouldn’t pay to experience this!

7. Whoa. What did these lights ever do to whoever named ’em?

8. Okay..? Should I bring him a cold beverage too?

9. I guess you’re never too young to follow your dreams.

10. Oh, Clint. I wish I could tell you it gets better.

11. This barber shop specialises in truly satisfying its customers. *slow wink*

12. New band name! I called it! Behold. *drumroll* The Megafucks.

13. The worst kind of tart.

14. Gigabyte has suggestions for your next sexual experiment.

15. Not the kind of shroom trip I’m looking for.

16. Real articulate, Ms. Goulding. I wonder what your al-BUM is about.

17. What do you get when you cross the most important meal of the day with the cutest part of the body?

18. This is what I’d call a movie about that one time I had a bad stomach.

Here’s to every ‘megafuck’ out there whose megafuckery made us laugh.