The Scotts have been credited with quite a few inventions over the centuries, like the steam engine, the bicycle, the television, penicillin, insulin, more importantly scotch among other things. 


But I am willing to bet, what you are going to associate them after reading this, is the word ‘fuck’. 


That’s right. he first mention of the word was recorded at the time of a lockdown during the Edinburgh plague. 


According to, the word was first found in a poem written by a bored Scottish student. 

The poem has now been brought back to the limelight as BBC Scotland’s upcoming show Scotland — Contains Strong Language documents the country’s proud tradition of  swearing. 

According to reports, the manuscript was discovered to have been written in the Bannatyne Manuscript, which dates back to 1568. The manuscript is an anthology of Scottish literature that George Bannatyne, the bored Scottish student had put together. 


The manuscript contains William Dunbar’s epic poem The Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedie, in which two poets trade insults with one another during which time, Kennedy brands Dunbar a ‘wan fukkit funling’. 


See, now you all can keep complaining about the lockdown or you can come up with something new. Perhaps, the next most used cuss word of the following century!