There is only one universal truth. Mondays are the worst! Everyone agrees. No questions asked. 

Monday is like standing in the longest queue ever for just an average plate of biryani. 

But what if we told you, there was actually a way to make it even worse? 

If Monday is a queue, this Monday (today) was like waiting till the end of the line only to receive a plate full of leftover rice with no meat, just elaichi.  

And then getting hit by a bus before taking your first bite. 

This weekend, literally everyone was in party mode. Even if you’re not into the festivity, Diwali has a way to suck you in. And you enjoy no matter where you stand on the excitement spectrum celebrating with the choicest alcohol mix you can lay your hands on.

Until you realise you’re one of the unfortunate few who has to go to work the very next day. 

Yes, my fellow hardworking brethren. I know how you feel. Here’s sending some empathy your way. 

I’m in the same boat. I’m at my workplace which looks like Thanos just left after doing some snappy snappy. Except, this time, we’re the ones who died and made it straight to this common purgatory called our workplace. 

It’s not even like us martyrs are being rewarded or anything. We just got pushed under the bus by everyone who managed to apply for leaves long before we did.  

Note to self: Look at a goddamn calendar for once. 

Well, you literally asked for this (or didn’t, in your case with leaves), so I can’t really help your situation. So here’s 2-minutes’ silence for your exhausted hungover ass and mine. And just know that you’re not alone. *Virtual sad hugs*

Okay bye. Back to work. Happy Diwali!

PS. Shoutout to all those workplaces which are off today. You’re the real heroes!