In 2019, 12 public holidays fell on either a Saturday or a Sunday.

This year, an equal number of public holidays are falling on a Monday or a Friday.

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You know what that means? Of course, long weekends, but also an opportunity to avenge the injustice. 

All those plans that you had to cancel in 2019. 


All those parties you said no to.


All those small trips you couldn’t take because ek din mein waapas aana padta.


You will have 12 opportunities to do it all and for that, you gotta be thankful (to whom, I don’t know but you gotta be).

This also means there will be 12 weeks this year, when you will have something great to look forward to. 

An extra holiday.


I can feel my physical and mental health improving just thinking about it. 

I mean, yeah, there are still some bummers. Like Diwali is falling on a Saturday and Muharram on a Sunday, but we can manage that much. It’s bearable.

Indian Meme Templates

Now, long weekends mean 3 days off (if you are lucky enough to have a non-working Saturday). 

That can be combined with a Monday or a Friday, depending on when the holiday is – and you’d have to work only half a week.  

For instance, if Monday is a holiday, take an off on Friday and leave on Thursday night. 

See? Saari planning toh maine kar di. You just have to figure out when to go and like, RUSH. 

Because you know how these colleagues are, right?

So, go ahead, take out the calendar and get on with the planning. Make full use of this year, because you don’t know what 2021 might bring.