2020 was one long year. And most of us just wished for it to end.

We were eagerly waiting to welcome 2021 with smiles, hugs and happiness. We did welcome it with a lot of positivity and hope and wanted to live it to the fullest, also because we thought we would do everything to compensate what we lost in 2020.

And now when I just started to get over 2020, there’s a sudden realisation that we’ll be in 2022 a little more than 4 months later.

It’s like *Happy New Year 2021*

*Thanks. Sit at home.*

*Boom!! End of the year*

2021 is already 8 months old. How? It felt like 4 months or even less to me. So does that mean the next 4 months will feel like 2? Less?

2020 was tough. But 2021 was harder. We had to deal with loss and witnessed an unprecedented crisis. We needed time to recover and heal, the wounds were close to our hearts.

There was a lot to be done yaar.

Kids who joined college didn’t even get to see their college campuses.

Those who were single, didn’t get to meet the love of their life.

Weren’t we supposed to put so many things in order? Our lives almost fell apart.

One of my new year resolutions was to read books. Didn’t seem to work out, though. Because all I have done is nothing.

Anyway, jaane wale ko kaun rok sakta hai, use jaane do.

Dear 2021, you are ending too soon. We had to live a little more. We had to make up for so many things. But now that you are going, be good, please.