We’re 3 months into 2021 and it’s been quite a ‘meme’orable year so far. Especially since most of us are still indoors and thriving on the gold content online. 

Here are some of our favourite memes to have been made in the first quarter of 2021:

The Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Interview with Oprah

Oprah gave us some iconic expressions that we couldn’t help but meme. 

This JEE topper who said he wanted to take the exams again? 

Priyanka Chopra’s dress which we loved, for all the right reasons

Bridgerton & the thirst traps it gave us.

This lawyer who turned up as a cat on a zoom call and went on to say, ‘I am not a cat.’ 

When Myntra fixed its logo and Twitter couldn’t deal with the change. 

When grumpy Bernie Sanders went viral

And an Indian actually created a website to place Bernie wherever you want!

The Agatha All Along theme that made this wink an internet sensation!

The track from WandaVision is exceptionally catchy. 

When Swetha left her mic on and the world heard her gossip

In our defence, Swetha was warned. 

Remember the woman who did her aerobics routine when the Myanmar military coup was taking place in the background?

Twitter couldn’t stop itself from meme-ing the Capitol hill attack

When the internet discovered that Rahul Gandhi had abs

‘Monk Dhoni’ went viral for his look in a new commercial released by Star Sports Network

Joe Biden tripped multiple times while climbing up the stairs of Air Force One. 

When a Reddit subreddit r/WallStreetBets propelled a surge in the video game company, GameStop’s shares and shook the internet.

The Grammy’s happened, and left some golden memes behind

The March 2020 Vs March 2021 memes about the pandemic 

The ‘Pawri Girl’ from Pakistan won the internet, our hearts and the memes of 2021 award 

The Suez Canal was blocked but the memes were not

This video of overachieving talented musicians was everything 

The most recent and our favourite, Lord Bobby predicting the pandemic and everything else

The ‘How Americans say things vs How Indians say things’ trend was maybe a little too honest

This uncle who went viral when two groups of shopkeepers in Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat district clashed. 

We’re not sure where this ‘In search of gold, lost the diamond’ trend began, but we’re glad it exists 

Which meme is your favourite?