The height of an average India ranges somewhere between 5 feet to 5.5 feet. Yeah, we tiny. So the rare ones among us, who stand out (quite literally) are bound to have a tough time. 

Check out these photos of tall people struggling with everyday things. 

Whoever made this door, did you want it to cater to only ants?

The same architect made this shower too. 

Imagine going for a relaxing bath in the tub but half your body doesn’t fit. 

This is why airlines charge big bucks for those extra leg-room seats. Because people will pay a lot for it. 

Is his head not worthy of a shower?

I bet you never thought how tall people end up with terrible back problems. 

Earning money is a struggle, then trying to get to that money is a bigger struggle.

Looks like romance will have to take a back seat here. Comfort over love. 

Who said only tall boys are struggling? Tall girls’ struggles are just as bad. 

What is privacy when you can peep over bathroom stalls?

When your mirror needs another mirror to be of any use. 

Err, talking to short people can be a task. 

Bumping your head on the ceiling is an every day thing now. Better get used to it.

When the people behind you say you’re blocking the view, but you are the view. 

You are never more conscious of your height until you have to stand to some extremely short person. 

Oh shit, those pesky back problems are back with their Fisher-Price edition sinks!

Well, so much for good photo-ops. 

We’re walking, minding our own business when.. *bonk*. 

How is a tall guy expected to take a shower around here?

Remember that teeny-tiny door from Alice in Wonderland, where you had to shrink to get in? Yep, this is that one. 

Every shirt is a crop top!

Any relationship with someone shorter than you is a long distance relationship. 

Don’t mind us, we’re just trying to drive these toy cars. 

We love being of services to you shorties, life is just as tough as you. 

We were born to stand out in a crowd, and we took it literally.