We all have some secret that we think will be deemed super inappropriate if anyone were to ever find out. And I guess that is often the case with secrets pertaining to sexcapades. 

Because let’s face it, what makes them so exciting in the first place, is the risk factor. The being caught, the someone hearing you, the trouble you may get into for it! 

So, let us take a look at a few confessions we came across on Reddit, about the most inappropriate places and times people have had sex at. 

1. Hospital, in the summer. I was a trainee and my shift was supposed to end in two hours. The place was deserted, like no doctors and no patients (peripheral hospital and I was already told to leave). My BF came to say hello and we ended up f***** in a closet.


2. Middle of the night, on a couch, while girlfriend’s friends were sleeping on an adjacent couch.


3. I (a 24-year-old back then) was in the Navy and was dating a girl from another unit when we both deployed on the same aircraft carrier (USS Abe Lincoln) in the Persian Gulf. We would have gotten in major trouble if we had been caught getting physical and kept most of that for when we were in port – though we did fool around in hidden parts of the ship a couple of times. One very late night (5 months into deployment) I was working on the flight deck and she came by to say good night before going off shift. We ended up sitting in the back of a Seahawk helicopter on the flight deck talking. No one really around, darkened ship… one thing led to another and we had positively explosive sex – both of us were panting when it was over. Giggling like crazy but scared to death someone would see us.


4. The upper level of an empty cathedral. It was pretty surreal.


5. The first time I had anal sex with my then-boyfriend, was on my parents’ bed and my best friend was sleeping next door. That was completely inappropriate but a lot of fun!


6. In my freshman year, I had a job where I used to wash yachts. One day a cute girl proceeded to ask me about my sex life. One thing led to another and we did it in some random person’s yacht.


7. Funeral of a family friend.


8. Went camping with my best friend and boyfriend (now ex). The sleeping arrangement was head to head and after my best friend fell asleep, shenanigans ensued. It was exciting. Also in a cave, while hiking, the echo was so loud hahah.


9. At my sister-in-law’s, right in front of her front door. My SO and I were super smashed, we walked outside, he closed the door and we went at it. It was dark but she also lives in the suburbs and it was during Thanksgiving time, so the neighbourhood was packed with cars.


10. I was supposed to be babysitting four kids while the family went to my great aunts funeral… was pretty good sex though.


12. I had sex with my BF with his best friend sleeping in the same room. I was mortified, but I also hadn’t had sex in six days, so I really wanted to. His friend is a semi-famous artist known for his sexual art; only that was what convinced me it would be okay. I texted my BF later and asked if the friend mentioned anything today. He said no, and the guy is someone who would usually say something congratulatory to him in such a situation, so he’s sure he didn’t hear us. (We managed to only make his noisy mattress squeak twice, and weren’t very verbal.)


13. Probably the most inappropriate sex I had was on a picnic table in the middle of a large public park on memorial day around six in the evening, when the sun was still very much in the sky. It was pretty quick, like five minutes or less, and not at all planned. We only thought to look around after we were done, to check if anybody was close enough to see us. Somebody probably was. We left as soon as clothing was back in place.


14. Office sex (so cliché but SO good) and on a jet ski!


15. There is this big city landmark in Liegé, Belgium, kind of a staircase with a beautiful view of the city on top. It was a beautiful summer night, with a beautiful late-night view and the best place I ever had sex!


16. In a packed cinema. Didn’t see the movie at all.


17. In college. We basically made it a challenge to have sex in the riskiest and most obscure places. I had sex in stairwells, study rooms, elevators, on one of those handicap stair lift things, dorm rooftop. Note that most of this was with the same girl, but it was so much fun.


18. During my university years, in a hotel that we were sharing with other people. A girl was sleeping two beds away (like two meters away from us)! And it was also anal! Afterwards, we continued in the bathroom!


19. Visiting my parent’s house. Had my little sister sleep in a different room so my SO and I could stay in her room. Lost my virginity in my little sister’s bed.


20. Lascaux, in the garden of Madame Curie’s house, under the mimosa tree. That was a highlight.


22. We were in our first year of marriage, and my wife went out of state to help take care of her Amish grandmother after surgery. Three and a half weeks later, I went with my wife’s parents to visit. I guess it’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder because she looked so freaking hot to me I couldn’t even stand it. We stayed at her grandmother’s house that night, so no electricity, no television, etc. We stayed in a bedroom in the attic and her parents were in the bedroom right below it. It was a sticky 80-degree day, and it was plenty stuffy in that attic bedroom that night. But I swear to you that five minutes after we crawled into bed, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. I remember initially trying to keep it quiet, but losing any sense of shame as we pounded it out on a squeaky bed on squeaky floors with absolutely no ambient noise to drown it out. I remember her trying to get me to stop moaning, but I was completely overwhelmed by my attraction for her, and my relief at reconnecting with her. So. Intense. I remember trying to sneak downstairs past her parents’ room to the bathroom for a little cleanup.


23. In a changing room, at a department store. I can’t remember which one it was.


24. My ex GF used to cheat on her BF with me all the time in college. Once he drank so much at a party that he had to be taken to the hospital and kept overnight. We f*cked while he was in the hospital. If there is a Hell…I’m pretty certain that I’m going to Hell for that.

The internet is obviously full of the human race’s deepest, darkest secrets.