You know the expression, “When all the stars aligned?” Well, sometimes photographs do just that and give new meaning to photographic art. As in life, with photography also, timing is everything and here are 25 photos that perfectly explain how appearances can be deceiving. 


1. What, you never heard of soapy zorbing?

2. Caterpillar Man finally retired.

3. The UFO sightings in this town are too damn high!

4. Now, all I need is a giant golf stick.

5. Ghost Rider’s angry ex is back.

6. You know what. Every dream is precious.

7. Identity crisis.

8. Why such soapy eyes?

9. This just in: Epic Nyan Cat spotted.

10. Gingivitis is the number one cause of all tooth decay sir.

11. I just want to know how this ended.

12. Perfect. Just perfect.

13. When your car’s got your dog all trained and shit.

(When you see it!)

14. Old Spice just got a new logo.

15. That guy’s such a hoot.

16. I think our dragonfly here is going to be a tad disappointed with his mating aspirations.

17. Tinkerbell just went all projectile Rambo-mode.

18. What? It’s a good day.

19. When you go all Jesus, but you got swag.

20. So many things right with this one.

21. Now that’s a steal.

22. “It was a pleasure playing with you, gentlemen.”

23. Nope. Look again.

24. What next? A chicken selling burgers at McDonald’s.

25. What sorcery is this?

Oh, can’t look at these the same anymore.

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