I have one of these smart-mouthed little brats for a cousin, and I can tell you for a fact that these kids are a pain in the ass. And, have a better sense of humour than most. Which doesn’t help but only aggravates the situation. Whatever said and done, kids usually are pretty darn intelligent with their sarcasm. Most of all, brutal.

Here are 25 kids that gave smart-ass answers to their examination questions.

1. I mean, technically the man’s right.

2. Below the belt, I say.

3. Don’t know where. But, this kid’s going places.

4. Kid’s literally funny.

5. Words of wisdom from a preschooler.

6. The undercover PETA agent.

7. Damn!

8. Sherlock, ladies and gentlemen.

9. This is how you upset the establishment.

10. At least, he’s honest about it.

11. Shit just got serious.

12. This is wrong on so many levels.

13. 10 years old, and our man knows the game so well.

14. I’m betting he’s got a belly.

15. LOL!

16. That’s one supportive teacher, I must say.

17. Truth shall be spoken today.

18. Ambition is what drives us.

19. That is some genius level stuff right there.

20. Expand!

21. Not too far away.

22. Tony just got bullied.

23. Pure genius.

24. Martha just got owned.

25. No bullshitting with this one.


Listen, I was a dumb ass kid. This is progress.

Masthead Source: funnypicture.org, Feature Image Source: boredpanda.com