Fails are an amazing laugh, whichever way you look at them. The sight of an epic fail is the very fabric that joins us together as a race. Without them, mornings would be twice as hard and our sadistic desires would never be quenched.

So, here are 30 moments perfectly caught on camera right when the ‘fail’ commenced:

1. “Redbull, you screwed me over!”

2. Childhood memories ruined!

3. A jaw-dropping experience with friends?

4. Right before she smelt something seriously wrong.

5. The night before she got herself new friends, and a new shirt.

6. Nope. It’s all well, even if it doesn’t end that way.

7. How to make a ‘Kodak smile’ vanish for the night.

8. For the last time, Carl. Get your shit together!

9. Epic friendship moment ruined for life. Then again, what are friends for?

10. Bikers need dentists too; clearly.

11. The reason why some people prefer cats.

12. Epic LOL! That face though.

13. Hold up; let me get my camera face on.

14. Moon moon strikes again. We miss him.

15. “Hooman! Why you do this?”

16. We don’t know where to begin with this party photograph. Just, so many things wrong here.

17. That deep thought she had; probably left the stove on. Oh wait, it’s too late.

18. I want to know what that joke was.

19. Don’t worry, grandma survived.

20. So many questions… Most importantly, why? Just, why?

21. Next appointment: facial reconstruction surgery.

22. That face when you realize you messed up someone’s most special moment.

23. The dark, sometimes pissy side of beach tanning.

24. I’m not sure how this ended. But, I want to say ‘revenge is sweet’.

25. Now we believe that selfies could be the leading cause of deaths or at least a really nasty headache.

26. “Oooooh, that’s where I left my camera. Duh!”

27. Jenny here, looks like she forgot the rules of Dodge Ball.

28. True sportsmanship – “It’s cool let me get that booger for you.”

29. Horse thought: “It’s not like he really needed to make babies.”

30. That’s right. When it’s a bull after your ass, we all would get a little Jesus on him.

Ah, the day’s already getting better.