Everyone’s life is a struggle. But tall people apparently struggle more than others, because they say so.

Here are some tweets about the problems and struggles of tall people that will make you laugh out of sympathy or maybe cry out of relatability.

From shower problems…

… to fitting in pools and bathtubs, struggles are real.

Don’t even get them started on boarding airplanes…

… cars…

… or public restrooms.

Hitting the ceiling with their different organs is their favourite pastime.

That extra leg out of the bed…

… that extra ass out of dress…

… and that extra head out of the body, they always have extra troubles.

Mirror selfies are surely not their thing.

And social gatherings are more of a guilt trip.

Public service is their part-time job, without pay of course.

The phrase they hear maximum times in their life is ‘thodi height mujhe bhi de de‘.

From fashion to career, everything hurts, both in the heart and knees.

Angdai is not an involuntary action for them.

And relationships literally hurt.

Folks, no matter what, stand tall.