Quarantine has come with a wave of productivity on social media that is getting overbearing. Because not all of us are equipped to, or even want to, bake a billion cookies and make workout videos. 

So for those of us who just want to do nothing, here are ways to still feel fulfilled and productive, while making minimal to no effort. 

1. Fill up those empty water bottles and jugs

Make your mom proud. 

2. Make yourself a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate

Whipping up that Dalgona coffee counts as hard work. 

3. Paint your nails 

It’s time to perfect the art of creaseless nail paint. 

4. Step into your balcony or terrace for a few minutes

Breathe in some fresh air and hear the birds chirping. 

5. Check up on your friends

Drop a text to your friends who are quarantined in isolation to make sure they’re doing well. Being a good friend is productive!

6. Change your bed sheet and make your bed

Fold those blankets and maybe put on a clean sheet? It’ll make your day. 

7. Clean that mirror and TV screen

Or whatever else you’re using to binge-watch right now. A spic and span screen will make the viewing experience better. 

8. Watch a Ted Talk 

Don’t they make you feel like you’ve learnt something new?

9. Play dress up and find out what doesn’t ‘spark joy’

Marie Kondo the shit out of your clothes but remember to have fun while doing it. 

10. Prep for a movie with popcorn and coke

Give yourself a set up that you actually enjoy so you feel like you got the full movie experience. 

11. Clean the inside of your earphones 

All that earwax is unhygenic. 

12. Do a skincare routine that is more than just a face wash

Scrub, toner, serum and face mask anyone?

13. Breathe in and out, 5 minutes of meditation 

It’s so simple and it makes you feel so good. You can even download an app that’ll guide you through it. 

14. Delete pictures of your ex from your phone gallery

Just couldn’t be bothered with it before? Now you have no more excuses. 

15. Organise your apps and make little folders

When was the last time you actually played Candy Crush, do you really need it on your phone?

16. Go through your YouTube ‘Watch-later’ list and saved Insta posts

The video version of ‘I’ll read this someday.’

17. Do a word puzzle

Crosswords, sudoku and scrabble make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. 

18. Watch a movie series from start to end

Finishing a trilogy is a different kind of high and you know it’s true. 

19. Match all your tupparware containers to their lids

The lids you accuse your help of loosing are hiding there somewhere. You finally have the time to find them. 

20. Put a balti under that tap that’s been dripping forever

You know the noise annoys you. And you can recycle the water to wash dishes with or even water the dead plants in your living room. 

21. Make paper boats for your balti water

Or you could make that square fortuneteller thing we made as kids. Colour, colour, what colour do you choose, remember? 

Kids spot

22. Wash them bras cause they can finally dry in peace

You know you’re not wearing them, might as well wash them well. 

23. Replace batteries of that clock that stopped working last year

Look at you, being an adult. 

24. Pour some water in those ice trays because now you can’t get them from 24X7

We’ve got to make our own ice now. 

25. Empty that box of coins by your door and finally count them

It’s raining chillar. 

26. Keep leftover ice cream out for a while then drink awesome fresh milkshake 

Wow, your milkshake will bring no one to the yard because it’s a lockdown. 

27. Finally use all those fancy bath scrubs and hair masks you bought for yourself

Now is the time to go all out and pamper yourself. 

28. Do those software updates that you’ve be clicking ‘later’ on 

And update those apps on your phone, they’re been waiting forever. 

29. Make a new high score in the ‘no-internet’ T-Rex game

Your entire family is watching Netflix, you know your data plan isn’t strong enough. 

30. Take a nap because you finally can!

Unlimited nap time, could there be anything better?

Staying happy and safe is your priority this quarantine. Don’t stress over being productive.