Kids are mostly a pain in the ass. But Reddit turned to an all-knowing three-year-old boy for answers about life, universe and everything else. 

Matthew Clark stumbled upon a subreddit and noticed that all the AMAs were with regular people and he decided to let his child hold the court during an AMA (ask me anything) session, with Clark conveying his pronouncements to the audience.

His black-and-white approach to the work is understandable considering he is three, but his answers are astute AF.

Look at his no-nonsense answers

His wisdom will put you to shame.

So what if he sounds like the President of the United States…

He still is a three-year-old child…

With a good taste in life.

Just see how much he loves pizza!

Teachers and Ylvis might not agree with him on this.

Unlike most other kids I know, he has a heart of gold.

And he is modest.

I will just you leave you with his most honest answer.

 Design Credit: Aroop Mishra