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The TV. It sits in a corner in every home, brings the world to our living room, and occasionally decides how we place our furniture. 

But as the TV has become an integral part of all of our lives, it has also become the cause of a lot of fights, happy moments, beautiful memories, and the temporary ending of friendships. 

So we have come up with a list of funny, bizarre, and downright weird moments that anyone who has ever owned a TV can relate to. 

1. When you can’t decide who gets the remote.

Having the remote in your hands is like being Spiderman — it’s great power, sure, but it comes with some great responsibility as well. The person who wields this godly power decides what to watch, how loud it should be, and even if you should watch the ads or not. This obviously doesn’t go easy if there are other people who are watching the TV with you. And it will eventually lead to some crazy fights, or worse, the silent treatment. Speaking of awkward silences…

2. When an uncomfortable scene comes on and your parents are around.

This is a situation every desi kid has found themselves in at some point or the other. You are sitting with your parents, maybe a brother or sister too, watching a movie — the epitome of the perfect happy family. And then, suddenly, without warning, with little regard for your family, the leading pair gets a little too comfortable on the TV. And while the actors on TV enjoy themselves, the entire family suddenly fall dead silent. Someone will go and get snacks, maybe your dad will loudly start talking about something unrelated, and you pray to let the earth open up and swallow you whole! 

3. When your game days turn into all out wars

We all love our game days. You call your friends over for a nice full day of playing FIFA or whatever game you play together. But with games, someone will win and someone will lose. And if you’re playing with someone as competitive as me, someone is going to end up quite angry and accuse everyone else of cheating. But that never changes the fact that you’re do the same thing next week again. 

4. When you watch an episode of a series without your partner.

This is dangerous territory, my friends. Say you are watching your favourite series together with your partner. In fact, it’s become a bit of an evening ritual. Every day, you sit together and go on a magical journey together. Until one day, when your partner has to work late, or has gone out with their friends. And the newest episode of your favourite series is out. And after hesitating for about half an hour you watch it without them. They’ll understand, right? NO! You will never hear the end of it. Trust me on that one. 

5. When you just want to spend an entire day watching TV.

We’ve all had those days. You’ve had hard week at college or work, and you just don’t want to do anything, except spend the day with your friend the TV. Your Sunday begins in front of the it, with one series and a bowl of cereal. And then before you know it, you’ve turned off your phone, ordered in enough food for 4 people and it’s a party for one. 

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