I am one of those people who doesn't like to eat in the morning. Yeah, I know, starting your day right is the most important thing and blah, blah, blah. But, I am never really bothered about it! I remember how my mom used to force-feed me during my childhood days and how I used to make bizarre excuses to avoid eating every morning!
But, recently, when I was talking to my neighbour's kid, I realised that today's kids are way better than me at giving excuses. Don't believe me? Then, keep scrolling and find the 5 funniest excuses I have ever heard from a kid for not eating in the morning. 

1. This excuse usually works on my mom. LOL!

2. And, this excuse is simply out of the world... 

3. No! Greens can't make me a superhero! 

4. And, dreams feel so real, you know right? 

5. Well...no comments for this one!

OMG! It’s really hard to make your kids eat in the morning. They’re just always ready with one excuse or the other. Hats off to those heroic moms who successfully deal with such excuses every day!  

Do you also want to overcome these excuses with ease? Then, keep reading... 

Bournvita Biscuits have come up with a new campaign named #NoMoreExcuses for all the mothers to deal with their fussy kids. The idea is to help all moms get their kids to eat a goodness-filled morning snack without any struggles with the official 'Subah ka Biscuit'.  

What’s more? Well, you can even make your kid a superstar with Bournvita Biscuits! 

I’m sure you’ve dealt with enough creative excuses like the ones mentioned above! But, now you can get rewarded for it! Yes, that’s right! The kid with the funniest excuse will get a chance to get featured in the next Bournvita Biscuits' digital ad. All you need to do is give a missed call on 8925-006-006 and share the funniest excuse you’ve ever heard! And, to know more, watch the video here - I am sure, you’ll relate to it! 

Now, close this article and participate!     

Illustrations by: Muskan Baldodia