It’s not an easy job to make people laugh and comedy is never going out of fashion. We keep browsing through our phones the entire day, just to see if there’s an update. So the next time you’re looking for something interesting and light-hearted to pep up your mood after a long day at work, you can check out these amazingly funny Pakistani comedians and you’ll definitely giggle your way through the evening!

Here’s a list of 5 comedians from Pakistan that are doing an excellent job of keeping people entertained.

1. Zaid Ali

With 4 million followers on Facebook, Zaid Ali is, by any measure, a huge Internet sensation! He is only 21 and is immensely popular because of his side-splitting videos with his unique take on desi parents, the culture and the day-to-day happenings in the life of an Indian/Pakistani youngster living abroad. Follow him here on Facebook or subscribe to his channel here for a good and hearty laugh!

2. Shahveer Jafry

Just like his looks, Shahveer Jafry’s comedy is equally hypnotic. With so many videos surrounding the life of Indian/Pakistani youngsters abroad, Shahveer Jafry has carved out a unique place for himself. Brilliant acting and engaging topics – he’s a terrific entertainer. You can follow him on his Facebook page here

3. Shaam Idrees

This Pakistani comedian makes hilarious videos to entertain his fans, but also he’s an amazing Punjabi singer, with Soni Kuri being one of his hit numbers! His videos, especially the ones about a relationship between a couple, will make you laugh uncontrollably! You can follow the blue-eyed comedian here.


4. Danish Ali

Yet another Pakistani comedian making funny as all heck videos that go viral! You’ll find it surprising that this comedian holds an MBBS degree. It was during his days in a medical college that he realised his potential to make people laugh and make a career out of it. With spot on one-liners, self-depreciating humour and observational comedy, you’ll find yourself laughing hysterically at his jokes. Danish Ali is definitely one comedian to follow

5. Karachi Vynz

Started by Mansoor Qureshi and Daniyal Sheikh, Karachi Vynz make hilarious videos that’ll leave you in splits! Their video in collaboration with India’s BB ki Vines, promoting peace between India and Pakistan, is particularly interesting with both sides taking viewers through their respective cities. You can follow them here.

Laugh away all your worries, friends! Life is too short to be serious!