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Yes, I am a woman and no, I don’t believe in the patriarchal and obsolete expectations our society has about marriage. While a fraction of us have a voice and can decide what we want in our lives, unfortunately, there are many more who are stuck in the same spiral of redundant expectations and traditions that come in the name of marriage. So here are a few things that we really, really (REALLY) should stop expecting from women in order to get her the “right” kinda groom. Not that we need any, but still…

1. First of all, cooking is not just a woman’s job.

So stop expecting of me to be a MasterChef of sorts. Agreed, that it is a necessary life skill, but I’ll cook if I want to and won’t if I don’t. Period.

2. Draping a saree?

Because it’s a proof of how sanskari I am? I’ll say you drape your narrow mindedness instead.

3. Putting on make-up and getting all dolled up.

It’s a personal choice and I don’t like it one bit, and if that makes me a tom-boy then be it. Seriously, I’m so done with this labeling fad. 

4. I’ll have an opinion on everything. 

Married or not, nobody can expect me to stay mum when something important happens. And why just something important? I’ll even have an opinion on the colour of the dry leaf at the courtyard. Deal with it!

5. Shy and coy? Lol what’s that?

Since time immemorial Bollywood has shown the same ol’ girl-carrying-the-chai-and-samosa-tray to impress her perspective in-laws. What do I say now? Some things should only be left to fiction.

 Weren’t these obvious? Yet some of us have to still to justify our place in a married relationship. But as Helen Reddy would say “You can bend but never break me, cause it only serves to make me…”  Every hurdle the society has thrown at us, has made us stronger and bolder. Star Plus’ new show Ikyawann is a fresh take on it. It is the story of a girl raised by the men of her family and her non feminine traits make her non shadi material by the society. How she deals with it in her own quirky way is going to be worth a watch. Catch the promo here.

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