Indian comedian Shyam Rangeela has a knack for making every situation hilarious. He gained popularity for mimicking Prime Minister Narendra Modi three years ago and still hasn’t stopped. 

He can turn any Modi ji related news into quality content. Here are some of our favourite videos of Shyam. 

1. When Shyam pointed out that Modi ji has been feeling left out because the spotlight was on Rhea

2. When Shyam celebrated the launch of FAU-G by being aatma nirbhar 

3. When Shyam pointed out that at least we had PUBG to get us through the lockdown

4. When Shyam suggested that Yogi ji should change Twitter’s ‘dislike’ button to ‘dus like’ button

5. When Shyam gave us an insight into Modi ji’s adventures with his ‘mor’

6. When Shyam leaked some unseen beach cleaning footage

7. When Shyam recreated Modi ji’s ‘non-political interview’ with his very own Akshay Kumar 

We love a good sense of humour. And Shyam’s seem to be getting better as the PM’s tenure goes by. Of course, we take it all with a pinch of salt, after all imitation is the best form of flattery.