Let’s be honest. It’s not passion but money that drives us to show up at the office every day. At least in most cases. You see, there’s no such thing called ‘relief’ in an Indian corporate setting with uncanny deadlines, toxic micro-managers, and absurd expectations of employees. But one place where something remotely related to peace can be found is actually the abode of the nearby tapri wale bhaiya.

tapri bhaiya hr

He’s the man, the real deal, the true friend, almost like an aide. He has seen us at our worst and passed no judgement. In fact, he’s only made it better with chai sutta. The truth is, the tapri wale bhaiya is the real HR, one better than our office HR. Here’s proof –

tapri bhaiya hr

1. He listens to all your problems

You’ve been to HR to discuss your genuine problems. Where has it led you? Be it an office rant or an unnecessary disagreement with a co-worker, it’s the tapri you go to let out everything you cannot say in an environment constantly surveilled by your manager. He knows all your office struggles, and has with him a quick remedy as well.

office tapri bhaiya
India Times

2. He’s the ‘Office Buddy’ you never had, in its truest sense

So, what’s really the point of office buddy? To familiarise you with office? To help you feel settled in the new environment? Well, who does it better than the tapri wale bhaiya? He’s your buddy in the truest sense.

office tapri bhaiya

3. He knows you better than you know yourself

So you take three different cigarettes for three different moods at the office? You reach the tapri, bhaiya sees your face, and he automatically lays out the required one for you? See, that’s how well he knows you! This is soul connection.

office tapri bhaiya

4. He doesn’t only SERVE the tea, but he also SPILLS it

Your HR knows a lot, but do they know enough? It’s no miracle that office politics exists everywhere. And almost everybody goes to let off the heat near tapri wale bhaiya. Naturally, he has ALL the tea. And if you strike a bond with him, he may be able to tell you all the deets, even about your boss.

office tapri bhaiya

5. He even lends you stuff, without interest

Bhaiya lets you take stuff without paying. He makes life simpler for you. Everything is fickle, but his spot is permanent. So you can have as many chai suttas as you like and pay the sum monthly.

office tapri bhaiya
Times of India

6. He offers you free life advice

After you rant and complain to HR, there’s only so much they offer you in the name of conflict resolution. But with bhaiya, it’s chill. He’ll have the most objective takes on your problems. And because of your bond with him, he’ll even be able to offer you the most practical advice.

office tapri bhaiya
Village Square

7. He makes you feel at peace

There’s no particular spot in the office where you can breathe without exhaling stress. No, not even your office canteen. It’s bhaiya and his tapri that offers some glimmer of relief.

office tapri bhaiya

So basically, tapri wale bhaiya is literally your office bestie who offers you life advice and listens to all your problems…he’s the HR we never had. Hence, proved.