Gautam Gambhir has been in news for quite some while now, and for the most unfathomable reason: Jalebi.

He single-handedly brought the sweet dish back into the limelight but not in the manner he would have wanted to.

Gautam Gambhir Is every unsatifisfied employee
Source: DNA India

And the most interesting were his explanations after being accused of not giving enough importance to his post of an MP. So, we re-imagined him as a disgruntled employee who gets offended too easily and gives weird excuses when boss points out their mistakes. Read on. 

1. Boss: You're late everyday.

Employee: If me coming 10 minutes early will change the fortunes of this company, I will come 20 minutes early.

2. Sutta break? Chai break? Lunch break? ..... Jalebi break?

3. I would have achieved my target if the manager didn't encourage me to achieve my target.

4. GG was the richest Lok Sabha candidate from Delhi with assets worth ₹ 147 crore. I'll just leave it at that.

5. Just one of those people who threatens with a resignation after one stinker.

6. Suddenly got sick, can't get out of the bed, can't move my finger, can't come.

7. What do you mean the salary will come 2 hours late?

It's okay, though. Next appraisal mein dekh lenge.