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It’s one of those relationships that is more complicated than the one you’ll have with your significant other. There are times of utter despair and then there are times of pure jubilation. And this is exactly what makes them an important part of our lives. If you are still confused about the person in question, then try and remember the person who was making a warm cup of tea when you were fighting that terrible viral. That person, my friend, is your maid and these funny illustrations perfectly sum up the love-hate relationship you share with her.

1. When you’re finally catching up on your long lost sleep on a Sunday morning and she switches OFF the fan.

2. When she makes your favourite dessert just like your mom used to make. Well, almost!

3. When she keeps pestering you for a raise and you are as always broke.

4. When she makes for the best gossip partner. EVER.

5. When you have to get your ass up in the morning to let her in. Even if you have partied till 3 last night.

6. When she helps you clear all the evidence the day before your parents come to visit.

7. When she takes an uninformed leave on the exact same day all your friends are coming over.

8. When she takes an off from other houses she works in just because you have caught the flu.

I think we all can agree that we share a special relationship with our maids. We can’t live with them but then again, we can’t even live without them. So imagine what’d happen if you try to, basically, end things. Sounds terrifying? Well, it definitely is. Check out this video by Girlyapa & Cif to see what happens when this woman decides to break up with her bai. 


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