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Don’t get me wrong, I love Holi. Really, I do. It’s a great time to be saying goodbye to the long winter, and an even better way to forget about the mayhem of March. I love being doused in color, running around with my friends and forgetting about my diet to gorge on delectable sweets.

No, my only point of contention is that Holi prep, in simple words, is not fun. Once the day itself dawns, so begins a long and arduous process of oiling and buffing to ensure that we don’t go to work the next day looking like Koalas. So, here are 8 Holi prep struggles that are, I swear to God, so real it’s not even funny.

1. Choosing which piece of clothing to sacrifice on the altar of colors. 


Goodbye! I will miss you! You were such a faithful friend! *Wipes tears* 

2. Oiling your hair till you look like you survived an oil spill. 


Yep, there ain’t no Little Mermaid here.

3. Deciding whether to wear your glasses or just play Holi with blobs of color around you. 


Not that you can recognize anyone anyway. 

4. Shuddering at the thought of taking a bath after the party and finding color in places it shouldn’t possibly be. 


*Sneezes after Holi and comes face to face with green snot* 

5. Prepping your arsenal of Post-Holi-bash cleaning products. 


*Looks around*

*Arms utility belt with my trusted products*

*Takes in the horde of people charging towards me with bucket-loads of colored water*

“Come at me, bro.”

6. Deciding whether to wax before or have your skin slowly peeled off after playing Holi. 


Yes, it is exactly as painful as it sounds. 

7. Calculating the time and cost of all the cleaning treatments that you will need after your frolicking. 


Or, you know, you could just use a gem like Clean and Clear Facewash to save up on both.  

8. Realizing that your body isn’t the only thing that will need a good rubbing down after that Holi bash. 

I’m talking about the floors and walls of your house, you pervert. 

But hey, these little things are what make Holi the festival of colors, right? By all means, have fun, and when you’re done, use your trusty Clean and Clear Facewash to gently remove those colors without scrubbing your skin raw.

Seriously, prep yourself before you wreck yourself. 

Feature Image Source: WordPress/Sounds of Silence