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Online shopping is not a hobby; it’s an art honed to perfection with hits and misses, trials and errors. We lose sleep, food, and sometimes our sanity to get our hands on something we want, and we do it with a smile. Of course, as much fun as it is, there are also some glitches that we, sadly, can’t fix. So, here are 8 problems that us online shoppers absolutely love to hate:

1. The time between when you place the order and you actually receive it, especially when it’s coming all the way from another country.

2. When your cousin in the US gets her hands on something nice, and you’re empty-handed because India.

3. When someone gets a better model of the same product because you didn’t have the patience to wait.

4. When you find a global website with the best collection ever, but then realize you will go broke if you buy everything.  

5. When you find an online shopping hack but, surprise surprise, it’s as useless as the person who gave it to you.

6. When that one jacket you had your eyes on is magically withdrawn from the listing because some jerk beat you to it.

7. When you find something that speaks to your soul, but it’s on a shady international website with zero buyer protection.

Should’ve used Paypal, dude. 

8. When you buy something from an international store and end up with clothes that could fit two of you and no refunds.

If you missed what I said before about using Paypal, refer to point 7. 

You know what they say, no matter what stands in our way, shoppers gonna shop, shop, shop, till we drop, drop, drop. That was a bad rhyme, but in all seriousness (not really), it doesn’t matter to us what problems we have while scouring the Internet for our favorite things. We shop because it makes us happy and the world a little bit better. 

So, to help all shoppers find their place on the spectrum, Paypal has launched this fun Shopping Personality Quiz. Whether you’re a shopper who needs timely interventions to avoid being broke or someone who puts needs over wants, you can find your perfect shopper personality here. That’s not all, though. 

You see, once you refer the quiz to as many friends as possible, and one of them makes an international purchase through Paypal, you could be one of 2 people to win an Ipad, or among the 8 to win fitness bands and JBL speakers. Swe-eet!

Get cracking! Take the quiz here.