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When I was five, my dad was the best dad ever because he’d get me all the toys I wanted during Diwali. When I turned 12, my dad was the dad ever as he’d get me lesser stuff. By the time I turned 18, my dad was well, just dad. Not that he didn’t grant me my wishes, but every request was met with a sarcastic quip free! I’m sure I’m not the only one who was shunned every time I asked dad for something. Rejection is not exactly what I fret about, but that savage burn always left a blister on my emotions. If you are one of those unfortunate kids, these comics strips are just for us to share the pain, my friend!









Now, I’m not sure if it was us who made unsolicited demands, or if our dads were being borderline unfair. Whatever be the case, we all know how to make a truce with our parents and vice versa. Especially during the Diwali sale season! If you’re planning to ask your parents for your favorite gadget, Croma is the perfect place to drag them to. Their 24-months zero cost EMI option and cashback will ease the burden on your dad’s wallet and might just make him say, “Yes!”