Struggling with the decision to make it to work is something that all of us go through, every morning. However, waking up and wondering whether to go at all should be the first indication that you’re not happy with your job. When burnouts hit consistently & stay longer, it should raise all alarms. We get it, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to a comfortable job that pays the bills. But when these 8 signs begin to rear their heads in your professional life, it’s best to seek greener pastures.  

1. When feigning sickness sounds better than going to work.

There is a difference between not ‘feeling like it’ and ‘not feeling like it EVER.’ When your job becomes a chore that you’d rather put off for the next day, then maybe it’s time to brush the dust off your resume. 

2. Nothing excites you about work anymore.

Even when you make it work, you cannot help but feel apathetic toward it. There’s nothing more emotionally draining than being stuck in a job that doesn’t match up to your professional goals anymore. 

3. There’s nothing new left to learn.

If your learning curve flattens and all prospects of “growing” with your company lead nowhere, it’s time to seriously consider a change.

4. Your company doesn’t value you enough.

When even a glowing performance on a regular basis only gets you the basic salary, with no apparent signs of a raise, it is time to realize your true worth and move on.

5. When colleagues are leaving the company faster than a sinking ship.

Do you find yourself attending going-away parties for your colleagues, a little too frequently? When several of your colleagues suddenly start seeking an exit, you might want to take this as a sign to start updating your resume. 

6. When your company feels that keeping you engaged isn’t important anymore

Being trapped in a thankless job is the worst form of punishment. No matter how much you’re being paid, if your company seems to turn a blind eye to employee engagement, then you’re better off working somewhere else.

7. You’re constantly burnt out.

Work can be taxing at times, but if your life resembles an endless vortex of stress and exhaustion, so much so that you’re slowly turning into an apathetic, unfeeling burn-out, then it’s time to start looking for a new job. 

8. When all you want to do with your co-workers is avoid them.

When your first instinct upon seeing them, however, is to put your fist (or someone’s head) through a wall, vent by applying to new places with better prospects. 

Life is just too short to have an unfulfilling job. So pick one that inspires you rather than one just gets you by. Our very own captain cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s rise to fame is a fitting example of this. The fact that he chose his passion over his definite & dreary job as a ticket collector, goes on to show just how rewarding following one’s dreams can be. If this strikes a chord with you then you too should follow your dreams and find a job that makes you #LoveWhatYouDo. Let help you get there.