In this age of the Internet, it doesn’t take long for a new trend to catch on. A random picture shows up on your social media wall and before you know it, everyone is trying out the new #BeatPeBooty challenge. The problem is, most of these ‘trends’ are, plainly put, annoying AF. So, here are 8 things that we wish were a thing of the past already. 

Like, seriously. 

1. BAE

Seriously, guys, just… No. Not only is it unbelievably irritating but it also generally sparks feelings of uncontrollable rage inside my heart. So, let’s just zip it and nip it already.

2. Relatives lovingly asking you, “Beta, shaadi kab kar rahe ho?”  

Never mind that you have a well-paying job, live independently and take care of your parents. It seems that your existence as a human being won’t be validated unless you take the saat pheras and start your own family. Can I just go hide somewhere instead?   

3. PDA on social media.

We’re all happy that you are in a functional relationship and are getting a cat together with your significant other. That said, can you please not rub our ‘Alone again, naturally’ status in our faces by hijacking our threads and leaving each other cute messages on everyone’s wall? You have a room for that. 

4. Queuing up at banks and ATMs.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you would know that our honourable Prime Minister has demonetized currency denominations Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000.

There’s no need to panic, however, my friends. With every old thing that goes out, a new one comes in. As of late, digital currency is the way to go. So, why don’t we all just save ourselves the hassle and #GoCashfree with Freecharge? Be it utility bills or shopping at your favourite clothing store, just key in the merchant’s mobile number and amount, and pay him using Freecharge. 

5. This: ‘Girls ke liye PG ki timings 11.30 tak hain. Boys ke liye no curfew.’ 

Great, thanks! I’ll just get all my stuff from the eighteenth century, where these statements are common. In a time when Indian-American women are getting elected to the US Senate, the least you can do is do away with such clearly unfair and (frankly) offensive deadlines. 

6. People who go to London once and return pronouncing ‘water’ as ‘wotaa’. 

Oh, we’ve been speaking English wrong all this while? Please, enlighten us as we judge you silently and curse you to the flight where you picked this obviously fake accent up from. 

7. Spoilers. Spoilers. SPOILERS. 

Why on God’s good Earth will you want to tell us what happens in the latest Game of Thrones episode? What sadistic pleasure would you derive from our heartbreak? Come 2017, let’s all just respect humanity and resolve not to spoil shows. Yours sincerely, all those who found out beforehand that Thor makes an appearance in Doctor Strange. 

8. Obnoxious bathroom selfies.

Okay, plastering your face all over my social media newsfeed is one thing, but why would you ever think that posting a bathroom selfie falls within the boundaries of socially acceptable behaviour? There is absolutely nothing of interest in it unless you count yourself and the tiles behind you. 

Nope. Nope. Nope. 

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