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Remember that time you called it a day at work and suddenly your boss called you back for “just one tiny little project”? Yeah, of course, you remember. And you remember exactly how you felt that day. Not too excited to say the least! 

Nothing’s worse than coming back to a job every day that you’re not even excited about. Only counting hours and monthly paychecks keep us going. Because job satisfaction, what’s that? If you belong to that unwilling section, for your enjoyment, here are nine gifs for all the emotions you’ve ever felt while drowning in the eternal hate you have for your job.

1. When you wake up and contemplate,”Do I really need this job?”

 2. When you leave office at 11:30 PM, reach the next day at 10:00 AM & your boss still says you’re late.

3. Getting enough caffeine that will keep you up for yet another dead day.

4. When a co-worker asks, “How’s it going?”

5. Laughing at your boss’s lame jokes is the worst!

6. When overtime starts to take a toll on you. 

7. Last minute job allocations? NO!


8. Me: Boss, salary raise?


9. Oh, and that “I’ve had it” feeling, every single day!

Well, these honestly do sum-up the way we feel about our jobs. And if in case, you can survive the first half of your day, the second half is just too much to handle. Let’s not even talk about the number of times we’ve thought of just handing in our resignation letter to our boss and getting the heck out. But that’s the thing, mostly, we just jump from one bad job to the other. 

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