2020 is here. And there are several things that are turning old. They are the ones launched or introduced first in the 1990s or early 2000s and therefore they’ll always hold a special place in the heart of 90s kids.

With the beginning of a new decade, here are some things that might be turning 30 or so, but they’ll always hold the position of being our firsts.

1. Teletubbies

Remember those days when there was nothing better than watching Tinky Winky on Teletubbies? That was more than 20 years ago because the show first released in 1997. It was one of the cutest cartoons we’ve ever watched.


2. Pokemon

Honestly Pokemon was the first animated movie most of us watched and it’s been over 20 years since it first released. From games, to playing cards and movies, Pokemon has given us so much nostalgia to keep the kid within us alive.

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3. Playstations

The first playstation was released by Sony in 1994. Later, it was launched in the US and then we all know its popularity.


4. Powerpuff Girls

These badass girls whom every 90s kid idolised while growing up, were first created in 1995-1996. Though our favourite superhero girls are turning old as we enter 2020, they’ll never lose their relevance.


5. Pingu

All 90s kids remember Pingu as someone they related to and still do. Mischievous, yet adorable, while the beloved penguin is growing old with us, it still remains relevant.


6. Mango Bite

A lot of sweet memories are associated with this one little candy filled with the goodness of real and juicy mangoes. The candy which first came in Indian market in 1989 is 30 years old now.


7. Frooti

“Mango Frooti, fresh and juicy.” The drink that was launched in India in 1985, comes to our rescue even today. It’s just the right thing we look forward to after a tiring summer day.


8. Tekken

We have grown up playing Tekken for the longest time. The game first released 25 years ago in 1994 and kept us glued to it throughout our childhood. And the music, don’t even get us started on it. Most of us have made the opening song of Tekken our ringtones.


9. Cartoon Network

The original Cartoon Network channel was at its best when it was launched in 1992. From Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry to Popeye and Scooby Doo, there was not even a single show we’d want to miss at that time.


10. Power Rangers

The series which debuted in 1993 got us obsessed with it. Watching these teen superheroes as the lone guardians of our planet against villains from outer space was all we needed. I even remember collecting all their colourful merchandise.

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11. Cello pens

Among all the pens we used back in school, Cello Gripper and Cello Jetter were our favourite. From pen wars to pen monuments, there are so many memories associated with Cello pens. If you see the pen today, you’d feel that nothing has really changed – it’s design, size and feel remain the same.


12. Kurkure

If there’s one snack that has the ability to bring tears to our eyes and joy to our stomach at the same time, it’s Kurkure. The most easily available chakhna, or tea-time snack, Kurkure has been ruling our hearts for more than 20 years now.


13. Swades

We millennials might have heard so many patriotic songs while growing up, but Swades was the movie that taught us what patriotism is. The several messages that this movie conveyed hold relevance for us even today after 15 years.


14. Dil Chahta Hai

The dialogues, the situations and most importantly the Goa trip, Dil Chahta Hai is every millennial’s go-to movie. It changed the way we look at friendships and even now when we watch the movie, we do not realise that it’s been almost 20 years since the movie first released. 


15. M.A.D.

It’s been 24 years since we first watched Uncle Rob on POGO. It is probably the only art and crafts show we 90s kids grew up watching and can watch even today. 


Time flies. It’s been almost three decades since we saw and used them first.