Shout out to all the 90s kids! And by 90s kids, I don’t mean anyone born after 96. Which means we can also include those born after 85. Because most of your childhood was in the 90s.

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So, the reason we’re all gathered here is mostly because none of you have anything else to do. But also, because 2020 is almost upon us and with it, the ripe old age of 30. Or slightly past it, depending on which end of the millennial scale your’re on.


Anyone born in 1990 is going o be 30 years old. So the 90s kids are not kids anymore. We are not even just adults. We are ‘mature’ adults, responsible citizens of the country and that fucking sucks!

We have gone from being the kids getting shouted at by society adults for making to understanding why they were screaming. 


Also, most of us have anxiety, grey hair and our parties involve geting back home soon because kal subah office hai aur hangover mein nahi ho paaega!


Personally speaking, I remember my cousin being born. I picked him up as a baby. That rat bastard is 18 years old now. I changed his diapers and this dude just asked me yesterday if I wanted to split the money for booze!


All the neighbourhood kids who used to call you bhaiya/didi have moved on to uncle/aunty!


This whole thing just blows, man!

Remember how cool it used to be in the 90s? Now, those kids from Shaka Laka Boom Boom have grown up. Somehow, Harry Potter and Hermione are also 30-year-olds now. 

Like, WTF happened to time? Did God just get bored and fast-forward  through the best part of our lives?


Sure, seems like it. Also, screw you to the people who say, ’30 is the new 20′! You’re not fooling anyone. We can all see the grey in your hair and the disappointment in your eyes. 

Basically, an hour of lazy street cricket practically reminded me of how fragile we have become!

The whole point of this rant is that us 90s kids aren’t kids anymore and even though we all hate to accept it, it is true and it totally sucks.