Fun Fact: Did you know there are around 3,304 emojis? 

Emojis are how people convey their emotions in this era. We’re sure everyone has a default set of emojis saved on their phone and whoever you are, must have used the ‘heart’ emoji once in your life. It’s one of the most common ones out there. 

But have you noticed that this heart emoji comes in different colours? Believe it or not, every colour heart emoji has a unique meaning. Let’s find out what they mean  

1. Red Heart Emoji 


It means love and passion. 

2. Orange Heart Emoji 


It symbolises friendship and care. 

3. Yellow Heart Emoji 


This emoji means happiness and optimism. 

4. Green Heart Emoji 


Well, not for greenery or stuff. A green heart means a jealous heart. 

5. Blue Heart Emoji 


It speaks about loyalty and confidence in other people. 

6. Purple Heart Emoji 


It expresses physical attraction towards someone. 

7. Black Heart Emoji 


It represents both grief or dark humour.