It’s hard to get over your ex.

Harder to express your feelings to your crush.

But if you ask me what’s the hardest thing for me this winter, I’d say, it’s getting out of my razai.

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Dear razai, I’ve known you for years now and it feels like we are in a committed relationship. You give me the warmth I crave for every winter and keep me cozy.

You make my nights bearable and mornings brighter. Once I get into you, I don’t feel like leaving, no matter what.

And I know you feel the same way.

Is that because our love for each other is above all?

Also, is our love unconditional?

You cuddle with me when I’m alone, you don’t leave my side when I am with my partner, you indulge in fun with me and my friends when we are binge watching shows, and you comfort me when I’m studying for exams.


Your soft cuddles make me feel wanted after all those rejections I go through the day.

They say all we need during winter is a partner to cuddle and keep us warm. You have been that partner for me, you give solace to my single body and soul. And I can’t trade you for anything else in this world.

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I can be myself with you. You don’t judge me for sleeping naked with you.

You keep my secrets, absorb my tears and increase my happiness.

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Now when I look back, I realise that I’ve fought with the world for you.

Remember all those times when mom used to snatch you from me? I didn’t talk to her the entire day.

And when my brother pulled you away from me? I’ve taken revenge.

How could I not?

Tbh, I cannot share you with anyone else. I want you entirely for myself. I promise to keep you wrapped around me tightly. I won’t even allow air to creep between us.

And together we can fight all problems that come our way. Cold, cough, fever, mood swings, we’ll face them together.


At times, you’ve also been naughty with me. Haven’t you?

Every night when I come to you, you embrace me. Your power to seduce me with your warmth is just amazing.

Sukoon diya iss sard mausam mein tune mujhe

Ishq karna sikhaya iss bedard duniya mein tune mujhe, 
Socha na tha sukoon aur ishq saath mein milenge 
Tum aur hum yun humsafar banenge.

It’s official, cuddling with you is my favourite winter activity and I admit that I can’t live without you.