If you’re somebody who lives on Zoom for con calls and meetings for most of their weekdays (thanks to WFH), you would know that there is an unspoken privilege of wearing a formal shirt over your boxers or PJs.

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But what if your shirt was longer than your boxers and your laptop was positioned in such a way that your camera angle was capturing everything instead of just your face? 


Well, ABC News reporter, Will Reeves literally survived everybody’s worst nightmare while he was working from home. Just like most of us, he was dressed up in a formal shirt and blazer on the top and ditched his pants. 


But, while he was broadcasting a segment on “Good Morning America” from home, he forgot to fix his camera angle and the entire national television could see his bare legs. 

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Well, if I’m being honest Will was literally every single person working from home but the only difference is, he actually got busted. 

Netizens from all across the globe can relate this “oopsie” moment: 

Also, not a lot of people know this but he is the son of Christopher Reeve who played the role of Superman. Looks like not all heroes wear capes, some just forget their pants like normal human beings. 


Well, let this incident be a reminder for everyone who’s working from home to check their camera angles before they start a meeting.